Monday, May 18, 2015


Easy Breezy Spring and Summer

These earrings were made by measuring and cutting 22 gauge copper wire to the same size (your choice depending on how long you want them).
Then by holding both and making your zig zags so they match.. 
The next step is to make a small loop at the top of your wires (make sure you match the right sides.) 
Then attach your Sheppard's hook to the loop and close securely.
Last step pick whatever you want to dangle off the end.  Make sure you put a small wire through your choice if there isn't one there already. 
 Make another small loop at the bottom of earring and add your dangle.  That's it your done!
 "I like to see the morning sun, it warms my heart the entire day."
By LuLu Borealis