Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some of My Favorite Things

Some times you make something and for some reason it is hard to let go of.  It might be  just something about it.  i                                            This is one of those things.  I never wore it, I found it that is is photo friendly so it has been used in my business post cards.

This is another wrapped in sterling silver, chain also sterling silver and it is one I made and never posted.  Perhaps its time has come maybe I should start listing the items I have held back. 

OK this is one of my first -promise I will list it, I keep telling myself, but today I decided it is time to let go.  Perhaps it is more then just letting go of things.  I have reached a time in my life where I feel I have just to much.

 I love to make things so I will be introducing some of those to you.  I hope that you will feel free to let me know what you think and if you would like to share some of the things that you make please contact me.

"In such troubled times, I find that people feel the need to create even more.  Whether it be art or writing the soul seems to be reaching for air."

By LuLu Borealis

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