Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Family is important and this summer I enjoyed seeing my cousins that for some reason through the years contact was lost. Getting together was fun and the reminiscing of times gone by was enjoyable.

As I looked around at all of us I can truly say we all got a bit older but none of us changed inside, we still laughed and enjoyed each others company. How sad there was time missed in the years we had let slip by, then I realized it was only time that was lost not our feelings of family affection.

Little ones have grown and new ones have entered each others life, and so the cycle begins again.

Hopefully they will not loose touch with each other as we had done and can grasp onto the branch that becomes the family tree.

"I look back at my childhood and wonder if others do the same, and hopefully we will get together, and not just in the shadows of my mind…"

LuLu Borealis

August 25, 2010