Monday, November 30, 2009

4 Weeks to Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, this is where time seems to fly. With Christmas being less then 4 weeks away, I suggest getting any online shopping done ASAP. I worry that items that I order won’t come on time.

Most of the
shopping that I do on the handmade shops seems to get here very quickly, but with the shipping it is not always in the hands of the seller. I myself mailed things early enough to reach the destination, and somehow it vanished into limbo, causing much anxiety and panic.

Although I insure any thing that I mail, thinking this will guarantee me delivery I am always reminded there are no guarantees in life. I chew my fingernails and pace the floor until I hear it finally has arrived, and I can begin to breathe again.

As I give a sigh of relief after hearing the last of my packages were delivered and arrived intact I very quickly forget all the anxiety I had just been through as I am told they love what they received. Yes I will again go through this year after year as I pack up the last of my gifts and run off to mail them.

"I wonder if people really see the true gifts in life...?"

LuLu Borealis

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