Monday, October 5, 2009

Let my Fingers Do the Walking

It is now October and I am thinking of the holiday season already, why you might ask? Well, with the economy being the way it is money being tighter then ever I don’t want to feel the bite all at once. So I am spreading out my shopping, and being pickier.

I love to give gifts that are meaningful or useful. I myself love to receive the same type of gifts that I give. I like to get something that isn’t on every counter in every store you go in. I want it to be “special”, so I very often go on the handmade sites and scan through the sellers and I can always find something for someone.

I have never been disappointed and my recipients always seemed pleased, so this year I will do the same but I will start a bit earlier then I have in the past. I am also shopping for a new addition that will be added to the family in the spring. I love the handmade baby items’, buying a little here and a little there makes it easier on the pocket. It gives me a true sense of satisfaction along with a limitless variety of choices, I truly can
shop till I drop or my fingers get tired.

“I think from the heart, but it still makes me open the purse sometimes to complete the thought.”

LuLu Borealis

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