Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Babies Are Wonderful

My daughter’s friend was expecting, she chose not to know the sex of her child. It was her first child and I have to say it was exciting not to know. At barbeques the talk would be about how someone was carrying. I heard if you carry high it’s a boy and vice a versa for a girl. (I myself didn’t notice the high’s verses low carrying during my own pregnancies). Christina’s baby was delivered three weeks ago and she had a beautiful baby girl ♥.

My niece is also expecting her second child, and in her case she wanted to know, having an adorable little boy already she had her fingers crossed hoping for a girl…well she got her wish although she still has to wait a few more months.

My nephew and his wife have a delightful little boy who can bring the smile on anybody’s face; he is such a little character. Well they were expecting and were told that they were having a little girl. She finally entered the world a few days ago.

As I eagerly looked at the pictures that were posted following her birth, I first thought wow she’s beautiful! And then I felt like I knew her and I looked closely at her pictures and realized it was like looking at my sister in baby form. Oh my gosh! I thought she looks just like Rosie!

I emailed the picture to my son who is in South Carolina, not removing the address from where email came from. I asked him if he thought this baby looked like his aunt. He responded back, “It does look just like Aunt Rosie, but I don’t know who the people are. (I guess he didn’t recognize the name on the original email) I emailed him back and told him it was his cousin’s baby.

With all these babies around me, I must say it is exciting but I have to wait till April to find out what my grand child will be, I am looking forward to this. I am already a “step-grandma”, and couldn’t be more pleased.
"Life is the promise that the world will go on filled with hope and mystery."
LuLu Borealis

Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Southern BBQ In The North

While riding through Connecticut, my son, his wife and my husband saw a sign that read BBQ. It was on the side of a small group of stores, and there was a dirt road that led up to the place. The name on the top was THE RIVERSIDE BBQ; we parked and walked around the property that overlooked a river.

The scenery was beautiful and the way the sun was shinning in the afternoon I wasn’t able to get good pictures of the river. It was truly beautiful in the fall and I can only imagin
e its beauty in the summer. We saw that they had lots of tables with BBQ pits, a screened in large gazebo along with a small eat in area at the food stand.

We decided to order a lot of different things off of the menu. The owner and the crew were very friendly, and as we got our food and tasted it, I saw the smile on their face as we complimented each thing we tasted. It was Soooo Good!

I told them how much I loved the food and that I had never tasted BBQ that good. They told us that they use all fresh meats and smoke them themselves, and they had actually gone to different BBQ in the south and really tried to prefect their own.

Well I have to say that they did, I love pulled pork their’s was delicious, as was the chicken which I have to say was my favorite. My husband loved the ribs and the potatoes were smothered with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and onions. All the potatoes are fresh cut right there and cooked, so where the beer battered onion rings all freshly made on site.

I never thought I’d be a food critic, but I enjoyed this place so much I just thought I would share it just in case someone out there is in that neighbor hood.
My only disappointment is that they are so far away from where I live that I will have to make plans to go back to Connecticut. For those that might pass through here is the address I actually had to look it up on line – 177 Roosevelt Dr, Seymour, CT ...................................... ..........................
"Friends and family break bread together and all enhances the flavor of life."
LuLu Borelais

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let my Fingers Do the Walking

It is now October and I am thinking of the holiday season already, why you might ask? Well, with the economy being the way it is money being tighter then ever I don’t want to feel the bite all at once. So I am spreading out my shopping, and being pickier.

I love to give gifts that are meaningful or useful. I myself love to receive the same type of gifts that I give. I like to get something that isn’t on every counter in every store you go in. I want it to be “special”, so I very often go on the handmade sites and scan through the sellers and I can always find something for someone.

I have never been disappointed and my recipients always seemed pleased, so this year I will do the same but I will start a bit earlier then I have in the past. I am also shopping for a new addition that will be added to the family in the spring. I love the handmade baby items’, buying a little here and a little there makes it easier on the pocket. It gives me a true sense of satisfaction along with a limitless variety of choices, I truly can
shop till I drop or my fingers get tired.

“I think from the heart, but it still makes me open the purse sometimes to complete the thought.”

LuLu Borealis