Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Unique Kind Of Shopping

I am getting ready make some handmade items that I give as gifts for the holidays. What I can’t make I buy, I love shopping the internet for that unique gift that makes a statement that shows you really care.

I love to shop handmade items as much as I like receiving them, I have purchased soaps, jewelry, yes even though I make my own I can appreciate the artists style and design knowing the work her hands put into it makes it even all the more special.

I also purchase many of the materials that I use in my designs from the supplies that I find in some of the shops. Very often I
can find things that other artisans made like glass beads, pendants or clasps that I can incorporate into my own design.

I can’t think of anything you can’t find, on these sites, also each artisan has their own store set up so your contact is with the individual who has made the merchandise you are viewing.
Take a look for yourself you can find unique gifts and much more on Artfire./

"The creative spark that ignites the imagination is a match flamed with imagination."

LuLu Borealis

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