Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Daze

As summer moves by quickly there is nothing one can do to just slow it down just a bit. I love the summer, the days at the beach (the few we get) the friends and family get together where the smell of BBQ fills the air.

So far this summer I did get to go to South Carolina, went in the pool once, went to the beach five times, all when I was in South Carolina. I have been to the dentist an equally amount of time and still going, my computer crashed twice and fingers crossed I hope it is up and running for good now. I have sent out numerous resumes with no response, I have and will continue in my job search, I believe I heard it mentioned that the economy was getting better. Hmmm

Yet I love the summer and look forward to everyday even though many of those days have been cloudy or filled with rain. Summer has a way of making your circumstances seem promising. My mother always said as long as you have breath you have hope, well a few days ago my husband came home and informed me he was no longer working…that took my breath away. (Gasping)

As I get myself ready to go to another dentist appointment I have to wonder if it is all those BBQ’s that are causing these dental problems I am experiencing right now, it couldn’t be stress, I love the summer.

"One always has hope, no one can take it, it can always be given but never lost unless you give it up and forget to refill it."

LuLu Borealis