Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small Towns

Sometimes I like to take the scenic route to get from one place to another. Yes it is quicker to jump on the parkway or expressway, but I would miss some of the greatest pleasures for the eyes. I love to see the trees budding and the light of the sky dance across the water, so why not enjoy it as I go about my chores.

Driving through the small picturesque towns has a calming effect on ones soul. The stores just seem to be more relaxing and easier to venture in and out of as you make your outing more of an adventure. I love the small shops because they have such unique things that you would never find in mall or larger store.

Visiting the small, just out of the way small towns is enjoyable; I don’t mind doing the chores that I normally am not fond of doing. I give myself something to look forward to before I do the day to day routine.

"One simple pleasure can last the mind days of reminiscing, like watching a favorite movie over and over."

LuLu Borealis


Blue Butterfly said...

nice photos. I'm totally with you about driving around small towns.. wish you a lovely spring. :)

Lolo Sinclair said...

Lovely pictures!! I also love to visit little towns... I think they have something special.. :-))

Lolo :-)

trudette said...

I am glad I found your blog, I have a jack russell too , arne't they the cutest dogs ?
You have a great Blog , I am following you from now on:)

Drawn to The Sea said...

Very nice! Cruising around in the country, discovering little towns is can be like stepping back in time.