Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers Day Memories

With mothers day coming I have given some thought to the gifts that I received through the years. My favorite were the ones that the kids made, or purchased on there own. I have some of them still on display in the china closet.

The earrings my son bought me from Cheap Johns, he told me they were diamonds! WOW, who knew I would cherish them and some of the other gifts my children got me over the years more then the diamonds I have. (Believe me the diamonds around this house are rare.) The best "diamonds" were always the ones the kids picked out from Cheap Johns or the school store.

I remember their faces as they stood in front of me as I opened the gift, the words they said “Mom aren’t they bootiful? I picked them out all by myself.” I wouldn’t trade those memories for all the diamonds in the world…hmmm, I have to think about that now. (says to self while smiling)

I also loved the plants I received, one of my favorites is the kwanzan cherry tree, it was just a branch when I got it.

"A mothers love never stops, although her hair is grey,
She loves you just as much, as she held you that first day."

LuLu Borealis

A special mention: wrote about me on her Handmade blog, it is exciting and wonderful to be placed along with such talented people whose stories she shared.

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Blue Butterfly said...

This post warms up my heart... I've got a 3+1/2 year old son, and he's a little too young to pick a present for me or my husband, but when he brings home some of his stuff that he made from school such as VERY abstract paintings or cards with his teacher's help, it really makes me proud. :) I'm sure that those presents you were given by your children are the most valuable gifts in the world. *^-^*

Mossy said...

You touched my heart. My babies are 25 and almost 21 - they will ALWAYS be my babies.

LuLu Borealis said...

I have many precious moments with all three children, and yes they will always be my babies. ♥♥♥

Funny I can recall the things they did as if it were last week but don't know where I put the car keys 5 minutes ago.

artsyclay said...

Hi ~ Thanks for visiting my blog. What a sweet post. I still have some cherished long-ago gifts from my now-grown sons.

Josh Jones said...

great post, very touching