Sunday, April 5, 2009


Spring is here and I must say I am so excited I can’t wait to plant my seeds and watch my garden grow. Unfortunately along with summer and spring come the bugs, some good, some bad and some that just scare us.

I am scared of spiders but I know that they can do some good for us by catching other bugs, so I just try to avoid them. I do what I can to keep them from making my home theirs too, in a natural way. I found a web site that gives natural repellants for keeping the pests under control. I have myself used some of the remedies and they do work. The secret is you have to keep it up, the vinegar and chili peppers I have used, and it works.

I have also made a spray with mint, it doesn’t matter if you use mint extract or mint oil (which I highly recommend) and it will keep yellow jackets away. I have always been plagued with these annoying creatures and have tried several different repellants. Then I accidentally found the best one and it is harmless to everything (except some bugs), I was spraying mint made with oil extract and diluted with water as a refresher and I noticed that the yellow jackets stayed away.

(Please note: if you use extract I recommend adding oil to it, mineral oil or a touch of cooking oil. To hold the fragrance longer.)

On my deck I have had a problem with them always making a nest, then we would have to get it down and they would just come back. I took the spray with mint oil and water and sprayed it on the deck and on a new nest that was being rebuilt while the pest weren’t there. When the yellow jackets came back I saw that they flew around the nest but didn’t land on it, the next day the nest was deserted and no yellow jackets around. I spay my deck once a week with mint and water over and under and no yellow jackets and less bugs.

Hope this helps you have a more enjoyable spring and summer.

"Annoyance is something to get our attention, how we handle it will make all the difference on who is really in control."

LuLu Borealis

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Anonymous said...

brilliant! I'm super allergic so this sounds like a really good solution, I'll have to try it out.