Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers Day Memories

With mothers day coming I have given some thought to the gifts that I received through the years. My favorite were the ones that the kids made, or purchased on there own. I have some of them still on display in the china closet.

The earrings my son bought me from Cheap Johns, he told me they were diamonds! WOW, who knew I would cherish them and some of the other gifts my children got me over the years more then the diamonds I have. (Believe me the diamonds around this house are rare.) The best "diamonds" were always the ones the kids picked out from Cheap Johns or the school store.

I remember their faces as they stood in front of me as I opened the gift, the words they said “Mom aren’t they bootiful? I picked them out all by myself.” I wouldn’t trade those memories for all the diamonds in the world…hmmm, I have to think about that now. (says to self while smiling)

I also loved the plants I received, one of my favorites is the kwanzan cherry tree, it was just a branch when I got it.

"A mothers love never stops, although her hair is grey,
She loves you just as much, as she held you that first day."

LuLu Borealis

A special mention: wrote about me on her Handmade blog, it is exciting and wonderful to be placed along with such talented people whose stories she shared.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Small Towns

Sometimes I like to take the scenic route to get from one place to another. Yes it is quicker to jump on the parkway or expressway, but I would miss some of the greatest pleasures for the eyes. I love to see the trees budding and the light of the sky dance across the water, so why not enjoy it as I go about my chores.

Driving through the small picturesque towns has a calming effect on ones soul. The stores just seem to be more relaxing and easier to venture in and out of as you make your outing more of an adventure. I love the small shops because they have such unique things that you would never find in mall or larger store.

Visiting the small, just out of the way small towns is enjoyable; I don’t mind doing the chores that I normally am not fond of doing. I give myself something to look forward to before I do the day to day routine.

"One simple pleasure can last the mind days of reminiscing, like watching a favorite movie over and over."

LuLu Borealis

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Spring is here and I must say I am so excited I can’t wait to plant my seeds and watch my garden grow. Unfortunately along with summer and spring come the bugs, some good, some bad and some that just scare us.

I am scared of spiders but I know that they can do some good for us by catching other bugs, so I just try to avoid them. I do what I can to keep them from making my home theirs too, in a natural way. I found a web site that gives natural repellants for keeping the pests under control. I have myself used some of the remedies and they do work. The secret is you have to keep it up, the vinegar and chili peppers I have used, and it works.

I have also made a spray with mint, it doesn’t matter if you use mint extract or mint oil (which I highly recommend) and it will keep yellow jackets away. I have always been plagued with these annoying creatures and have tried several different repellants. Then I accidentally found the best one and it is harmless to everything (except some bugs), I was spraying mint made with oil extract and diluted with water as a refresher and I noticed that the yellow jackets stayed away.

(Please note: if you use extract I recommend adding oil to it, mineral oil or a touch of cooking oil. To hold the fragrance longer.)

On my deck I have had a problem with them always making a nest, then we would have to get it down and they would just come back. I took the spray with mint oil and water and sprayed it on the deck and on a new nest that was being rebuilt while the pest weren’t there. When the yellow jackets came back I saw that they flew around the nest but didn’t land on it, the next day the nest was deserted and no yellow jackets around. I spay my deck once a week with mint and water over and under and no yellow jackets and less bugs.

Hope this helps you have a more enjoyable spring and summer.

"Annoyance is something to get our attention, how we handle it will make all the difference on who is really in control."

LuLu Borealis