Monday, March 23, 2009


I have a Jack Russell terrier, which I have to admit, is more spoiled by my husband then any of our children ever were. The dog is so interactive with each of our personalities; he knows which buttons to push on each of us.

Freddie, the Jack Russell was named by my daughter, he was her dog, Freddie although loved very much was not being very good at her home. He constantly bothered the older dog and never let him alone, not to mention his household habits (potty training) wasn’t going to well.

On his visits to my house he behaved differently perhaps because he didn’t have another dog to compete with, and it was simple to potty train him at my house. It was easy to see he was happy here and the older dog (Buddy) was happy to leave him here. It was a win - win all around, no guilt about giving Freddie up for adoption, knowing you can see him whenever you wanted and that he was happy.

Over the years Freddie has given us much joy, he watches TV (only when there are animals on) and he knows the commercials that have animals on and when he hears them he comes running, with a toy in his mouth and he stands in front of the TV. I see his face getting older now, but his personality is still as it was when he was just a puppy.

I finally got him to stay still long enough in the right spot so that I could get a picture of the heart on his back. God must have placed it there to remind us how much love a dog can bring into ones life.

"Love makes ones soul dance to a universal sound that can only be heard by the heart."

LuLu Borealis

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Small Gem in Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay New York, for those of you that don’t know its location is a town on Long Island that is nestled somewhere between Glen Cove and Huntington. It’s Main Street has a flair for yester year, with shops that owners have lived and grew up around, the area whose people seem to know each other and each others family.

One of my favorite little “gems” in Oyster Bay right on Main Street is Smith Jewelers, it has been around for almost 70 years, that’s right 70 years and has remained in the same family, who still owns and operates the business themselves.

It truly is like visiting a friend when you walk into this shop, your greeted by a family member who in a short time you feel as if you knew them for ever. In fact some of their customers did know them forever and conversations can revolve around
town or their friends in common. Always a well wishing goes on inside these doors.

Now the fun is going into this store, it is like venturing into a jewelry chest, where you sometimes find the usual as well as the unusual, The store has many items created by individual artisans, as well as those that are hard to find items, they will custom make a piece that you want just so.

They have a repair shop on site, which I can tell you is busy, someone is always coming in with a watch they treasure, but it has stopped working and they can’t part with it so it is given in for
a much needed repair. From resetting stones, sizing rings, or restringing grandma’s pearls to name just a few they seem to do it all.

The town is a great place to walk through and visit the restaurants and other small shops that reside on Main Street. Perhaps you will even get a glance at Billy Joel who also lives in Oyster Bay.

An old friend can be someone you just met yesterday, they key word is "friend".

LuLu Borealis