Sunday, January 11, 2009


After searching handmade products on the internet you will find there are several different sites. I am not indorsing sites but I am indorsing handmade products. Why you may ask makes them so different from manufactured? If you have never purchased off any of these sites or bought handmade elsewhere then you never felt the pleasure or experienced the rewarding feeling of knowing that someone’s imagination actually created what you just purchased.

The piece is actually put together carefully by hands that love what they are doing created by inspiration and each step is taken to developing it into form, hoping to please someone even if they never get to know that person. Their work of art gets out into the world, its form as individual as the artist that created it, inspiration shared with a stranger.

All things different yet similar energies that are shared by an invisible force that evolves into trends or perhaps they are customs that are being passed on each slightly different because the hands that creat are not the same. Like the tide they change but always remain, they just ebb and flow with time. The ideas morph into new creative innovations but somehow it takes with it the old and new ideas and transforms them into style. All created by minds and hands that gave to them a life of their own.

My hands created wonderful things that I have seen in my minds eye, it is shaped with the love from ones heart and meant to inspire another's heart.

LuLu Borealis



Times And Chimes said...

Wonderful post! Buying handmade is such a wonderful thing- I feel it links me to another human being in a special creative way.

LuLu Borealis said...

Thank you, I am always amazed at the creativity out there

Maria @ Drop of Sunshine said...

This post is great! People don't realize how much emotion is involved in a handmade piece. Unlike machine made jewelry, mine (and I bet yours too) has a little bit of the artist in it! Congrats on the shop and good luck in '09!

LuLu Borealis said...

One Drop At Time Thank you!
I have to say, I enjoy something I know that was put together by hand, and not mindlessly stamped out by a machine. But placed together with thought.

Maria @ Drop of Sunshine said...

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