Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Time Blues

Fun, that’s what I wanted to have to chase away the winter blues as I wait for spring to find its way. What better way can I express it then with my jewelry, I wanted to make something that could make me smile, something light and fun.

So what did I decide to play with? Copper, yes copper, it is pretty and easy to work with. I kept the design simple yet fun to wear. Kind of adds that extra bounce to your step when you are out and about.

It gets attention because the color can vary, it never gets boring and is ever changing. Here is some of my copper jewelry.

"Distraction is a cure for the winter blues, and so are good friends."
LuLu Borealis

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Camera Ready"

I woke up this morning and I had so many plans, that is until I went to carry them out. It started out fine I put on a pot of coffee, and went to get my jewelry. I was going to redo the pictures they needed it badly. Having laid out the jewelry, stopping only to sip my coffee and plan on the new shots, I was ready.

With the jewelry in "pose" I picked up the camera and snapped a picture. Very happy with myself I thought this is going to work out fine, I even started to feel a bit excited now. Then it happened, the camera in my hand says low battery and turns itself off. I reload it with new batteries and take another picture when there it goes again, “Low Battery”, and it turns off. “What the hey”, I say out loud.

The dog jumps up and sits next to me on the couch as I take the batteries out again and deposit new ones in there place. I remove the necklace and put earrings down now, thinking I would change my luck. I snapped a picture and the camera again shuts down.

What started out as a good day suddenly turned bad. I opened up a new pack of batteries thinking maybe there was something wrong with the pack I was using. Needless to say it didn’t matter, so I had another cup of coffee complained to the dog that could care less. I decided I wasn’t going to let it get me down and I posted the jewelry on Artfire anyway. One picture sales, two items, I’ll take my chanc
es it’s still better then nothing.

Click on pictures to enlarge
When life just doesn’t go as planned, don’t fight it. Sometimes it’s just a test of your patience and faith. It is easier to meet it half way and compromise.
LuLu Borealis

Sunday, January 11, 2009


After searching handmade products on the internet you will find there are several different sites. I am not indorsing sites but I am indorsing handmade products. Why you may ask makes them so different from manufactured? If you have never purchased off any of these sites or bought handmade elsewhere then you never felt the pleasure or experienced the rewarding feeling of knowing that someone’s imagination actually created what you just purchased.

The piece is actually put together carefully by hands that love what they are doing created by inspiration and each step is taken to developing it into form, hoping to please someone even if they never get to know that person. Their work of art gets out into the world, its form as individual as the artist that created it, inspiration shared with a stranger.

All things different yet similar energies that are shared by an invisible force that evolves into trends or perhaps they are customs that are being passed on each slightly different because the hands that creat are not the same. Like the tide they change but always remain, they just ebb and flow with time. The ideas morph into new creative innovations but somehow it takes with it the old and new ideas and transforms them into style. All created by minds and hands that gave to them a life of their own.

My hands created wonderful things that I have seen in my minds eye, it is shaped with the love from ones heart and meant to inspire another's heart.

LuLu Borealis


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Creative Promise

With the New Year comes new promise, it is an opportunity for each of us to put the past behind us and start anew. It can also be a time to allow your creative juices to take shape, for your imagination to take on solid form. It would be a shame to waste it. Therefore share it with the world, even if your world is made up of just a few.

Creative intuition is contagious when shared. The imagination is expanded through each individual’s mind, and more artistic formations are born and the innovative process goes on. As each person shares their own ability to create there is a silent competitive force taking place. As we look at the work of others we want to produce something more, or perhaps something with a different flair, and so the dance begins.

The more we share the more we create, and the more are minds are stimulated with collages of color and patterns. Each creation separate and our own, and yet a part of everything that has influenced us. Therefore sharing is a creative force that is meant to produce artistic endeavors.

As long as I am alive, I will feed my imagination with color and inspiration then watch what it gives back to me so that I can share it with you.

LuLu Borealis