Sunday, November 16, 2008

Logan's Fun

Saturday it was a gloomy day as I decided to do some laundry and straighten up, when my plans were interrupted by a phone call. My niece called and said she was going to drop my Pampered Chef order off on her way to McDonalds. Seems like Ronald McDonald was going to be making an appearance at our local franchise, and she was bringing her son to see him.

Well I don’t get to see her son to often and he is growing so fast, so I took the opportunity to see both Logan and Ronald McDonald. I must say I think that Logan is much cuter than Ronald, but I am partial.

I enjoyed my little visit and got to see Logan and his little friend get all excited as Ronald made his way around the McDonalds to talk to the children. It reminded me of how fast they grow, and how precious this age is. They say the cutest things, and they are so easily pleased with just having your attention.

Well my day turned out nice in spite of the gloomy rainy day.

To enjoy just the simplest pleasures in life, can bring so much joy into your world.

LuLu Botrealis

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