Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding

As you know my niece was married on September 12th, and I promised to post some pictures. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work, and as I snapped away little did I know that all my pictures did not come out.

Well my sister forwarded me some of her pictures and I take great pleasure in introducing you to the Bride and Groom…Ben and Rose (sorry no last names here)

I may be partial here but I think she is a beautiful young lady, and an absolutely gorgeous bride. Okay, okay the groom is handsome too.

The Bridesmaids wearing the custom made necklaces to match their dresses, and my niece in her special necklace.

Now they didn’t want to have the traditional sign in book, but instead a poster that was made by Tommy my nephew, who is attending art school. The poster is a character of the Bride and Groom. Tommy is on the left side of the poster adding a coment.

I will post the cake topper as soon as I get a picture.

Love is a precious gift, that becomes more valuable each time it is given away.

LuLu Borealis

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