Sunday, October 5, 2008

Solo Trip

The wedding was great; none of my pictures came out. I am waiting to get pictures from my sister and then I will post them. The necklaces looked nice on the girls. The cake topper my sister made for the cake was "the best", it was the bride and the groom riding away on a motorcycle.

Two days later I escaped for awhile to South Carolina, it was the first time I made the drive by myself. I guess I felt brave because I now have a GPS. I will admit it scared me a bit because it took me a different way then I thought that it would. In fact I started to panic thinking I was getting lost, but I calmed myself down and just followed the route that it put me on. I reached my destination without a problem, an opportunity to see my son.

In the morning at breakfast my son and I talked and he told me that while pulling weeds on the side of the house he came face to face with a creepy spider, colored black and yellow. I asked was it by the air conditioner? He informed me that is where it was.

I chuckled and told him the year before when I was at the house I found a spider there too. In fact it was exactly like the one he described; l don’t know the life span of spiders, so to say it is the same one would be stretching it.

I went out to see it later that day and sure enough it was in the same spot a bit skinnier then the one I saw last year, and two bushes away was another one a bit smaller. I till this day do not know what kind of spider it is, but I just left him be.

I enjoyed the visit with my son time went by very fast. I can say that I was relaxed and while he spent time at work I spent time viewing TV and making jewelry. At the end of the week I bid my farewell, and headed for New York.

"A mother's love can not be measured by miles, nor the distance she feels in her heart. It is whispered in her midnight prayers, as she asks God to watchover and guide her children, never leave them alone. Then she asks for strength to keep her mouth shut."


Word Warrior said...

All that beautiful jewelry would look great on MEEEEE!!!! ;cD

Word Warrior said...

Oh, I love the Halloween poem!!

LuLu Borealis said...

Hi Word Warrior

Would like to see you add something to the pages Email me,I'd like to feature the cake topper you made.

Then we'll talk jewelry :~)