Sunday, August 31, 2008

The End of Summer

Took some well needed time off, but I am back to share my thoughts with you. I will try to post a new blog once a week, I hope you stop by to share your feelings and ideas, I look forward to it.

The end of summer is here and already you can see the days growing shorter. It feels as if a very dear friend is leaving, it makes me feel sort of sad. Don’t get me wrong I love the fall with all its colors and chilled mornings, it’s just that something in summer opens’ your soul. You respond differently, you relax in a way that no other season allows you to, and you find yourself being just a bit lazier.

I enjoy these last days by going out and watching the squirrels run along the tree branches and along the telephone lines, I am sure that they feel the change in the season coming upon us. What I have noticed this year is that their tales seem to be bushier then ever. Either we have very healthy squirrels, or as my friend told me that this indicates a cold winter. That is yet to be seen, but just in case I am going through all my soup recipes, and making sure that I have all the condiments in the house for a hot meal, to keep my soul warm.

“How very quick we are to criticize, but do we really know what we are talking about? Or perhaps as independent as we claim to be, are we still following blindly by those who say they lead?”

LuLu Borealis
August 31, 2008

Keep Caylee in your hearts, and pray she is found soon.