Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who Slept Here?

Last year I went with a friend to Mount Vernon, and stopped at George Washington’s house. They were shooting a movie at the time but I was lucky to get some good pictures.

This year my sons wife’s family came for a visit and we went to Teddy Roosevelt’s house, I have walked the grounds before but I never did see the inside of the house. Well this visit there the house was open and we took the tour. This tour took us everywhere inside the house.

Washington’s only showed us the main level, so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to view the entire house. Roosevelt liked to hunt, and he had hunted in Africa there were quit a few specimens in the house. Also he had been given many as gifts including a white polar bear that had been made into a rug. The house itself was very nice and there was a true sense of family that carried through the house.

We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside but I did take some pictures of the grounds. I hope you enjoy taking a look at the pictures.

“A home is a place of comfort no matter what the size, a gathering of people that share more then space. It is reunion of the heart that takes place every time you enter through door. "



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