Sunday, July 13, 2008

That Green Isn't Envy

I watched my eight year old grandson on Friday, he is my grandchild because my daughter married his dad and he became part of the family. Actually he became a part of the family from the moment I met him. He was just so full of light and laughter, I think we bonded immediately. Whenever he, his name is Robby and I get together we turn every visit into an adventure, and whether we do crafts together or explore the unknown regions of the dollar store we make it fun.

Friday was no different; in the morning when Robby came I showed him how to make paper. We were going to meet my daughter for lunch at her place of work so our morning was planned so that we could leave what we were doing, have lunch and come back and go into the pool.

Our pool has been around for seventeen years, I love the pool and my husband had put a solar panel on the roof of the shed at the end of last year so the pool gets heated up faster and we can use it sooner and longer. The water goes through the solar panel, goes back into the pool, so the water is comfortably warm, and if it gets to warm we can always turn it off. It has been on since we opened the pool in mid June, and works great.

Our day went as planned, after lunch Robby and I spent the afternoon in the pool. We played catch, we splashed each other and as Robby came down the slide I would toss the ball and he would try to catch it. The dog lingered at the edge of the pool and would drop his ball in and either Robby or I would throw it so the dog would run and catch it.

The day was fun, the time went quickly, soon we got out of the pool and as we were drying off I noticed that Robby was looking at me funny. Then he played with the dog and then he came back over to where I was and was looking at me funny again. Finally I asked him, why he was looking at me like that. He said in a sort of concerned voice, “Lu, your hair is green.”

I reached and pulled a strand of hair around and shocked myself, it was GREEN! Very green, I was taken back at first, this had never happened to me. Robby asked if I could leave it like that so Missy my daughter could see it when she came to get him. I did rinse my hair under the hose but the green was still there, no change. When I was dry enough I came into the house and got on the computer to see what I can do about my green hair.

I found out that it is caused by copper; the pipes that the water runs through in the solar panel are copper. It said you can use a special shampoo to try and get the green out. Well I wasn’t about to go out shopping for that right now. So I found another site that said you can mix baking soda in water and put it in your hair and let it sit. Also you can dissolve aspirin and do the same.

Right after my daughter came and of course noticing my seaweed green hair I immediately mixed up the baking powder and rinsed it through my hair, left it in for about a half hour before rinsing it out. It is left with an ever so slight hint of green now. We are in the process of trying to change out the copper tubing because it can change light hair to green. It seems the more porous the hair the greener it will be. I didn’t have the heart to tell Robby his hair had a light tint to it too.

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