Friday, June 27, 2008

If I knew Than

My niece had a birthday, last week and turned eighteen, I was reminded how quickly time passes us by. I know I can offer much advice and I also know that no one really wants to hear it. I didn’t want to hear it when my parents offered theirs. If I had only known then what I know now? How many times have we heard that?

I have three children, "woops", they are grown ups, they didn’t want to hear any advice I offered to them. They knew better, unfortunately they are no different then I was; only my life started a little earlier then theirs. We were married younger and started families sooner. In the long run it’s all the same and I am sure that their children aren’t going to listen to them. One day they will be sitting where I am, and it will continue like that till the end of time.

I can only hope that their decisions provide them with their own satisfaction, and that they can look back with few regrets, or at least know enough to change what they can, and push behind them what they can’t. May they take the time to laugh and be happy, and never forget to help others when ever they can.

I will share with you the fairy my sister made for my niece’s birthday, it is a blessing to be talented and even more of a blessing to be on the receiving side of such talent.

"I sometimes think that our own wisdom comes too late for us to use, but if we give subtle hints perhaps someone else can benefit. If we whisper to the wind someones ears are sure to hear it. "

By LuLuBorealis


Cthings said...
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Cthings said...

This is a beautiful fairy! It looks so real and life like. She does a great job. I agree with the wisdom being late sometimes.

LeaKarts said...

It's so true, all we can do is give our children the best tools that we possibly can and hope that they figure out how to use them quickly and without too much pain :) The fairy is stunning!

twenty pound tabby said...

Whe I first popped in, had to look twice to see that she was a doll.

Unknown said...

ahhh, youth -- my granny used to say it was wasted on the young. I always thought that sounded weird. Now that I am older I get it but don't agree. 40 is the new 20 -- I have faith they will get it all sorted out! :)