Monday, June 16, 2008

Buying Handmade

When making the decision to purchase handmade items no matter what the items are, you know you are purchasing something that was put together with thought and feeling. Most people make things because they love doing it; they are the artist behind the product that their hands so carefully put together.

The items aren’t traveling through machines being stamped out by the thousands, but are carefully being made one at a time They carefully pick the next piece that becomes a part of it, or mix the ingredients that will take form and become the item that the artist mind fashioned. Someone cared enough to construct it, and share that creation with you, their hands guiding every piece carefully so someone will find enjoyment in what was created.

My children’s christening outfit was handmade for my first child by my aunt. I knew when I saw it that she put so much love into making it for me. Each one of my children wore that christening outfit and it hangs so very carefully in my closet, a precious memory that I can hold, and recall the day my aunt gave it to me and each time one of my children were small enough to fit into it.

The few things that I received as gifts, that were hand made still have a place in my heart and my home, and some of these very things were created by my own children’s little hands.

"Inspiration is the master of creation, to look upon what one creates keeps the flow of orginality ever changing it shape and style."


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Patricia Hecker said...

Art is made with ones soul!
A great blog!