Friday, May 9, 2008

Craft Supplies


I have been creating cards and scrapbooks as well as scrapbook pages for quite some time. Jewelry has also been among my creative crafts, I can’t help myself I love to make things. I love taking something through each stage of development and see what the final outcome will be. There have been times I have stepped back to look at the final outcome of my creations and thought what was I thinking?

I am sure we all had creations that well, lets just say remain somewhere in the back of a closet or on a shelf somewhere not meant to be seen. I don’t consider those as failures, but another process of learning, even if the lesson is learning what not to do.

One thing that I really love is waiting for my supplies to come. When I know something is coming I check the mail box constantly, if I see the mail truck I can barely wait for him to finally get to my house. If I am out, when I do get home I am looking on the steps as I am pulling into the driveway to see if a package has arrived.

It doesn’t matter if it is paper that was ordered or jewelry supplies, I can’t wait to rip the package open and see it, I don’t care if it is something that I have ordered before. I just can’t wait to see what is inside the package, even though I am the one that placed the order you would think that this was a surprise gift that I didn’t know I was getting.

Nothing gives me more joy then when my supplies arrive except after I have made something and someone just loves it. That is what makes my soul smile…

If I am inspired to create something and it catches your eye, it is at this moment in time our creative souls touch.

LuLu Borealis


Mary Ann said...

I have been know to stalk the mailman on more then one occasion.

LuLu Borealis said...

Oh my gosh, are we too bad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm with you guys. Nothing better than getting an order from Joann's online.