Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mothers Day Gift

On Mothers Day fourteen years ago I was given a tree sort of looked like a long branch, it was a Kwanzan Cherry tree. I had wanted one since I had first seen it in bloom in the town of St James, during a parade. I stood under this tree that held its heavy pink blooms on branches that outstretched over the road. It was magnificent!

I told my family that I would like to get that type of tree and they gave it to me for Mothers Day. A small branch that I knew would grow and share it’s beauty like the tree I had once stood under. Well it’s not as big yet as the one that I stood under, but my tree is still growing, and I look forward to seeing it bloom each year.

However brief a bloom may last, its beauty stays with us for a lifetime, forever fragrant in our minds.
Lu Lu Borealis


Rosebud Collection said...

What a gorgeous tree..It is growing very nicely and looks like it came along way from being a branch..

Winniel said...

Beautiful tree! n very fortunate of you as well :)

Love the set up of your blog too! Thanks for dropping by :D

Anonymous said...

So sweet. (sniff, sniff)

Unknown said...

what a lovely tree and a lovely gift! :)