Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring has Started To Bloom

The buds are growing on the trees, some have already flowered others wait a little longer. It seems when one thing blooms another sits back and awaits its turn. Each has its own special time, each has its peak time, unfolding before us a display one right after the other. All of which is natures art, a way of painting earth's palette.

Our senses tingle as we become awakened by the life that is blooming all around us. Something inside us awakens too, in a more subtle way; it renews a purpose in our soul, an energy that makes us take a different look at things. It could be just our spirit pulling in the light to stimulate our awareness out of hibernation.

Spring has a way of waking up something in our soul that which we didn’t know was asleep.
Lu Lu Borealis


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thanks, I liked your blog too, I can tell you have fun with life :)