Monday, March 10, 2008


"It is the silence of our soul, that we pull our inspiration from. When we are at peace with ourselves, the energy flows, perhaps they are the whispers of the past or abstract visions to the future. This is when I create the pieces that I make, I do not design these pieces with my mind, but instead they come from the heart."
LuLu Borealis
March 6, 2008

I want to share more of my jewelry with you, I will be adding more and more pieces. I will also be adding creative works from my sister Lynda, who is truly an artist whose hands I can only call magical. Everything she touches, transforms magically into aesthetically form of art that possesses its own aura .


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Thanks for the Happy "B" Day.

I deleted the original "Thank you", because I mentioned my age and then when I saw it in print...

Well you know how that is.