Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, I was recovering from surgery.

One week from Christmas and we are experiencing our first snow of the year. It is very pretty, but the roads are a bit slippery. I am not done with my shopping, and I wonder how many other people will be at the stores busy looking for holiday gifts.

Unlike the previous years this year will be different for a lot of people, they will be more particular over what they are buying, being more careful with their money. There will be less whimsy and more practical gifts as we go through our selections.

It is definitely a time to be more aware of trying to give a bit more to the food banks. There stock is very low as more and more people are finding it necessary to supplement their needs as jobs are cut back or lost. If each one of us gives a little we won’t feel it, but it could make all the difference for those in need.

The Gift of Christmas

Was the night before Christmas and there’s nothing to eat,
No turkey or ham, not even a treat.

The children are snuggled all in one bed,
Dreaming of a dinner they never got fed.

And mom in the kitchen crying and sad,
Counting out change, this year’s really bad.

And who’s at the door, what could be the matter?
It’s a wonderful neighbor with a huge turkey platter.

She brought the potatoes, sweet corn and some pie,
There were so many things it made the mom cry.

And who was that, who stood so close behind her?
It was yet another neighbor, carrying toys and the cider.

Standing right next to the door the mom could see,
These very kind people brought a large Christmas tree.

They kissed and they hugged, and they hugged and they kissed,
Her kids will have Christmas she thought they would miss.

Looking out of the window, she saw one shinning star,
She knew the blessing of Christmas was not very far.

She thanked them all kindly and asked if they’d join,
Her and the children on a bright Christmas morn.

The gift was a blessing of kindness you see,
Of food and of toys and of one Christmas tree.

It made all the difference for a family with needs,
The spirit of Christmas can be found in good deeds.

L. A. Hardt

Look deep in your heart, where kindness is hidden, and share it with others, it was meant to be given.

Lu Lu Borealis

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Logan's Fun

Saturday it was a gloomy day as I decided to do some laundry and straighten up, when my plans were interrupted by a phone call. My niece called and said she was going to drop my Pampered Chef order off on her way to McDonalds. Seems like Ronald McDonald was going to be making an appearance at our local franchise, and she was bringing her son to see him.

Well I don’t get to see her son to often and he is growing so fast, so I took the opportunity to see both Logan and Ronald McDonald. I must say I think that Logan is much cuter than Ronald, but I am partial.

I enjoyed my little visit and got to see Logan and his little friend get all excited as Ronald made his way around the McDonalds to talk to the children. It reminded me of how fast they grow, and how precious this age is. They say the cutest things, and they are so easily pleased with just having your attention.

Well my day turned out nice in spite of the gloomy rainy day.

To enjoy just the simplest pleasures in life, can bring so much joy into your world.

LuLu Botrealis

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

Photobucket Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

The Witching Hour

In the darkness of the night,
lights are dim and moonlight bright.

Fear sends shivers up my spine,
As something follows close behind.

Afraid to turn my head to see,
Just what it is that follows me.

Instead I coax my feet to run,
my heart is pounding this ain’t fun.

The witching hour shadows fall,
upon the streets and up the wall.

halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

Screaming silence in the night,
I tremble as I sense the fright.

I wildly scramble to my door,
Then tumble in onto the floor.

Breathing heavily I lock doors tight,
to keep the evil out this night.

I make my way up to my bed,
I pull the cover over my head.

I say a prayer that I awake,
to see the sun the next daybreak.

by L. A. Hardt

"What fun for just one night to dress up and let our imagination play, and to walk hand and hand in play with everyones own imagination."

LuLu Borealis

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wedding

As you know my niece was married on September 12th, and I promised to post some pictures. Unfortunately my camera didn’t work, and as I snapped away little did I know that all my pictures did not come out.

Well my sister forwarded me some of her pictures and I take great pleasure in introducing you to the Bride and Groom…Ben and Rose (sorry no last names here)

I may be partial here but I think she is a beautiful young lady, and an absolutely gorgeous bride. Okay, okay the groom is handsome too.

The Bridesmaids wearing the custom made necklaces to match their dresses, and my niece in her special necklace.

Now they didn’t want to have the traditional sign in book, but instead a poster that was made by Tommy my nephew, who is attending art school. The poster is a character of the Bride and Groom. Tommy is on the left side of the poster adding a coment.

I will post the cake topper as soon as I get a picture.

Love is a precious gift, that becomes more valuable each time it is given away.

LuLu Borealis

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Solo Trip

The wedding was great; none of my pictures came out. I am waiting to get pictures from my sister and then I will post them. The necklaces looked nice on the girls. The cake topper my sister made for the cake was "the best", it was the bride and the groom riding away on a motorcycle.

Two days later I escaped for awhile to South Carolina, it was the first time I made the drive by myself. I guess I felt brave because I now have a GPS. I will admit it scared me a bit because it took me a different way then I thought that it would. In fact I started to panic thinking I was getting lost, but I calmed myself down and just followed the route that it put me on. I reached my destination without a problem, an opportunity to see my son.

In the morning at breakfast my son and I talked and he told me that while pulling weeds on the side of the house he came face to face with a creepy spider, colored black and yellow. I asked was it by the air conditioner? He informed me that is where it was.

I chuckled and told him the year before when I was at the house I found a spider there too. In fact it was exactly like the one he described; l don’t know the life span of spiders, so to say it is the same one would be stretching it.

I went out to see it later that day and sure enough it was in the same spot a bit skinnier then the one I saw last year, and two bushes away was another one a bit smaller. I till this day do not know what kind of spider it is, but I just left him be.

I enjoyed the visit with my son time went by very fast. I can say that I was relaxed and while he spent time at work I spent time viewing TV and making jewelry. At the end of the week I bid my farewell, and headed for New York.

"A mother's love can not be measured by miles, nor the distance she feels in her heart. It is whispered in her midnight prayers, as she asks God to watchover and guide her children, never leave them alone. Then she asks for strength to keep her mouth shut."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Niece's Wedding

My niece is getting married Friday, you know how hectic it can be the week of the wedding. I was honored that she asked me to make the necklaces for her bridesmaids. I have to admit that I loved making them, and I placed them in a light blue washed wooded box that will be tied with raffia.

And a special necklace for the bride, and one more for someone special.

Her theme for the wedding was "Meet Me By The Water", and the wedding is being held at Danfords, which overlooks the Long Island Sound. The atmosphere is charmingly romantic. I can just see me with my shoes in my hand as I sneak out and walk down at the waters edge and I let the water play with my toes. I can smell the salt air already!

I promise that I will try to take pictures of the centerpieces and the all the things that were made by hand. This is not your ordinary wedding, it's formal with alot of fun. My niece loves life and don't like to sweat the small stuff. We are truly coming together to celebrate her happiness.

"Happiness comes with just a smile, it lightens ones heart and leaves room for love."

LuLu Borealis

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The End of Summer

Took some well needed time off, but I am back to share my thoughts with you. I will try to post a new blog once a week, I hope you stop by to share your feelings and ideas, I look forward to it.

The end of summer is here and already you can see the days growing shorter. It feels as if a very dear friend is leaving, it makes me feel sort of sad. Don’t get me wrong I love the fall with all its colors and chilled mornings, it’s just that something in summer opens’ your soul. You respond differently, you relax in a way that no other season allows you to, and you find yourself being just a bit lazier.

I enjoy these last days by going out and watching the squirrels run along the tree branches and along the telephone lines, I am sure that they feel the change in the season coming upon us. What I have noticed this year is that their tales seem to be bushier then ever. Either we have very healthy squirrels, or as my friend told me that this indicates a cold winter. That is yet to be seen, but just in case I am going through all my soup recipes, and making sure that I have all the condiments in the house for a hot meal, to keep my soul warm.

“How very quick we are to criticize, but do we really know what we are talking about? Or perhaps as independent as we claim to be, are we still following blindly by those who say they lead?”

LuLu Borealis
August 31, 2008

Keep Caylee in your hearts, and pray she is found soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who Slept Here?

Last year I went with a friend to Mount Vernon, and stopped at George Washington’s house. They were shooting a movie at the time but I was lucky to get some good pictures.

This year my sons wife’s family came for a visit and we went to Teddy Roosevelt’s house, I have walked the grounds before but I never did see the inside of the house. Well this visit there the house was open and we took the tour. This tour took us everywhere inside the house.

Washington’s only showed us the main level, so I was pleasantly surprised to be able to view the entire house. Roosevelt liked to hunt, and he had hunted in Africa there were quit a few specimens in the house. Also he had been given many as gifts including a white polar bear that had been made into a rug. The house itself was very nice and there was a true sense of family that carried through the house.

We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside but I did take some pictures of the grounds. I hope you enjoy taking a look at the pictures.

“A home is a place of comfort no matter what the size, a gathering of people that share more then space. It is reunion of the heart that takes place every time you enter through door. "



Sunday, July 13, 2008

That Green Isn't Envy

I watched my eight year old grandson on Friday, he is my grandchild because my daughter married his dad and he became part of the family. Actually he became a part of the family from the moment I met him. He was just so full of light and laughter, I think we bonded immediately. Whenever he, his name is Robby and I get together we turn every visit into an adventure, and whether we do crafts together or explore the unknown regions of the dollar store we make it fun.

Friday was no different; in the morning when Robby came I showed him how to make paper. We were going to meet my daughter for lunch at her place of work so our morning was planned so that we could leave what we were doing, have lunch and come back and go into the pool.

Our pool has been around for seventeen years, I love the pool and my husband had put a solar panel on the roof of the shed at the end of last year so the pool gets heated up faster and we can use it sooner and longer. The water goes through the solar panel, goes back into the pool, so the water is comfortably warm, and if it gets to warm we can always turn it off. It has been on since we opened the pool in mid June, and works great.

Our day went as planned, after lunch Robby and I spent the afternoon in the pool. We played catch, we splashed each other and as Robby came down the slide I would toss the ball and he would try to catch it. The dog lingered at the edge of the pool and would drop his ball in and either Robby or I would throw it so the dog would run and catch it.

The day was fun, the time went quickly, soon we got out of the pool and as we were drying off I noticed that Robby was looking at me funny. Then he played with the dog and then he came back over to where I was and was looking at me funny again. Finally I asked him, why he was looking at me like that. He said in a sort of concerned voice, “Lu, your hair is green.”

I reached and pulled a strand of hair around and shocked myself, it was GREEN! Very green, I was taken back at first, this had never happened to me. Robby asked if I could leave it like that so Missy my daughter could see it when she came to get him. I did rinse my hair under the hose but the green was still there, no change. When I was dry enough I came into the house and got on the computer to see what I can do about my green hair.

I found out that it is caused by copper; the pipes that the water runs through in the solar panel are copper. It said you can use a special shampoo to try and get the green out. Well I wasn’t about to go out shopping for that right now. So I found another site that said you can mix baking soda in water and put it in your hair and let it sit. Also you can dissolve aspirin and do the same.

Right after my daughter came and of course noticing my seaweed green hair I immediately mixed up the baking powder and rinsed it through my hair, left it in for about a half hour before rinsing it out. It is left with an ever so slight hint of green now. We are in the process of trying to change out the copper tubing because it can change light hair to green. It seems the more porous the hair the greener it will be. I didn’t have the heart to tell Robby his hair had a light tint to it too.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New York City Waterfall Display

Riverside Drive with a view of New Jersey

Riverside Drive looking out to the George Washington Bridge

Tour Boat taking people to see the waterfalls

Waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge
Boardwalk at Southport

I went in to the New York City last week and decided to stop and see the waterfallsthat have been put up. The one under the Brooklyn Bridge, along with the three others, can be seen for free just by going to the waterfront on Southport. The Circle Line offers free tours of the waterfalls, and it was so much fun to see this display of art.

We drove down Riverside Drive before going to see the falls; I couldn’t believe how lush with greenery the city was. It truly was beautiful; there were so many parks, and the sights to see.

New York has so many different facets to it; I can’t see anyone getting bored or not finding something to do. Just when you think you‘ve seen or know it all, there is always something else.

The last picture is a sunset of New York City taken from Java Street in Brooklyn. (As a young child I lived on this street.)

“One could never know what lies just beyond their reach, it is never what you think, and there is always a different twist to the reality that your mind thought. Never the less it is still fun to reach.”

LuLu Borealis

July 5, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

If I knew Than

My niece had a birthday, last week and turned eighteen, I was reminded how quickly time passes us by. I know I can offer much advice and I also know that no one really wants to hear it. I didn’t want to hear it when my parents offered theirs. If I had only known then what I know now? How many times have we heard that?

I have three children, "woops", they are grown ups, they didn’t want to hear any advice I offered to them. They knew better, unfortunately they are no different then I was; only my life started a little earlier then theirs. We were married younger and started families sooner. In the long run it’s all the same and I am sure that their children aren’t going to listen to them. One day they will be sitting where I am, and it will continue like that till the end of time.

I can only hope that their decisions provide them with their own satisfaction, and that they can look back with few regrets, or at least know enough to change what they can, and push behind them what they can’t. May they take the time to laugh and be happy, and never forget to help others when ever they can.

I will share with you the fairy my sister made for my niece’s birthday, it is a blessing to be talented and even more of a blessing to be on the receiving side of such talent.

"I sometimes think that our own wisdom comes too late for us to use, but if we give subtle hints perhaps someone else can benefit. If we whisper to the wind someones ears are sure to hear it. "

By LuLuBorealis

Monday, June 16, 2008

Buying Handmade

When making the decision to purchase handmade items no matter what the items are, you know you are purchasing something that was put together with thought and feeling. Most people make things because they love doing it; they are the artist behind the product that their hands so carefully put together.

The items aren’t traveling through machines being stamped out by the thousands, but are carefully being made one at a time They carefully pick the next piece that becomes a part of it, or mix the ingredients that will take form and become the item that the artist mind fashioned. Someone cared enough to construct it, and share that creation with you, their hands guiding every piece carefully so someone will find enjoyment in what was created.

My children’s christening outfit was handmade for my first child by my aunt. I knew when I saw it that she put so much love into making it for me. Each one of my children wore that christening outfit and it hangs so very carefully in my closet, a precious memory that I can hold, and recall the day my aunt gave it to me and each time one of my children were small enough to fit into it.

The few things that I received as gifts, that were hand made still have a place in my heart and my home, and some of these very things were created by my own children’s little hands.

"Inspiration is the master of creation, to look upon what one creates keeps the flow of orginality ever changing it shape and style."


Sunday, June 8, 2008


I wonder sometimes what inspires others. I really don’t know what always inspires me; sometimes it just happens with out thought, without looking for it, suddenly there it is. Caught in a breeze that moves the branches in the morning just enough to catch the sun, and make its light sprinkle sparks across the wooded ground

Could it be the light of the moon as it makes a sparkling yellow path across the water in the darkness of the night. What ever it is it just makes something click in your mind that fills it with ideas and suddenly you are filled with creative energy that if you do not put to use right away you will suddenly feel it fade slowly away from you.

Nature provides you with all the colors that you need to build upon, all the shapes and forms…it is in your mind that you pull it together but it is you soul that you create it.

“I look around me to see, but I see so much more when I close my eyes.”
LuLu Borealis
June 8, 2008

I just want to mention “Ryan’s Hope” , Ryan was born with a very rare disease called Total Colonic Hirschsprung's Disease, which is a genetic disorder of the large intestine and a portion of the small intestine. Within four days of birth, Ryan required emergency surgery to keep him alive and has since lived without a functional large intestine and has an ileostomy bag. Ryan will be going under a new procedure, because of this procedure being so new insurance will not be covering it. To find out more you can go to: or you can go to who is trying to help raise money for the family.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

South Carolina

Had a great vacation! Everyone needs to get away even if it is just for a few days. My week off I spent in South Carolina, it was so much fun. My husband and I went to Santee Cooper, and went fishing for cat fish. We went out with a guide on Lake Marion, his name was Gus, he certainly knew what he was doing and he made the fishing fun.

Gus seemed to know where the catfish were, and while we were waiting for them to bite he told us about the lake, how it was made, very interesting. Gus also gave us some really good fishing tips. And when the fish started biting they didn’t stop. It was great!

Because the lake was man made and the water was put on top of trees that never got finished being cut down, the line would snag, and he showed us how to pop the pole to release it from the snag. Whenever we saw the pole bend we thought it was a fish, Gus knew if it was a snag or a fish, I still can’t figure out how he knew just by looking at the pole. He even knew if a fish hit the pole and he’d say you got a hit, within a minute the fish came back and was caught. (We let all our fish that we caught go back immediately after the catch.)

I also saw an absolutely beautiful eucalyptus tree down by the lake; of course I had
to take a picture. The May flies were out the one morning that we were there they sort of looked like dragon flies…at least someone told me they were May flies. I really don’t know.

We also went to the Crab Festival by Myrtle Beach that was fun too. They had all kinds of food and vendors selling crafts. I enjoyed looking around at the fair, and it was right by the water. The weather was perfect the whole time we were there.

Here is a new addition to my sisters OOAK fairies, each one is different and they are not made from a mold. The finished fairies will be listed on ebay. This fairy is a custom made fairy for one of her buyers.

To rest ones body renews your strength, to rest ones mind renews the creative forces that have stagnated over time. It brightens the colors that one visualizes, and allows the senses to become excited over new ideas.

LuLu Borealis

Friday, May 9, 2008

Craft Supplies


I have been creating cards and scrapbooks as well as scrapbook pages for quite some time. Jewelry has also been among my creative crafts, I can’t help myself I love to make things. I love taking something through each stage of development and see what the final outcome will be. There have been times I have stepped back to look at the final outcome of my creations and thought what was I thinking?

I am sure we all had creations that well, lets just say remain somewhere in the back of a closet or on a shelf somewhere not meant to be seen. I don’t consider those as failures, but another process of learning, even if the lesson is learning what not to do.

One thing that I really love is waiting for my supplies to come. When I know something is coming I check the mail box constantly, if I see the mail truck I can barely wait for him to finally get to my house. If I am out, when I do get home I am looking on the steps as I am pulling into the driveway to see if a package has arrived.

It doesn’t matter if it is paper that was ordered or jewelry supplies, I can’t wait to rip the package open and see it, I don’t care if it is something that I have ordered before. I just can’t wait to see what is inside the package, even though I am the one that placed the order you would think that this was a surprise gift that I didn’t know I was getting.

Nothing gives me more joy then when my supplies arrive except after I have made something and someone just loves it. That is what makes my soul smile…

If I am inspired to create something and it catches your eye, it is at this moment in time our creative souls touch.

LuLu Borealis

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mothers Day Gift

On Mothers Day fourteen years ago I was given a tree sort of looked like a long branch, it was a Kwanzan Cherry tree. I had wanted one since I had first seen it in bloom in the town of St James, during a parade. I stood under this tree that held its heavy pink blooms on branches that outstretched over the road. It was magnificent!

I told my family that I would like to get that type of tree and they gave it to me for Mothers Day. A small branch that I knew would grow and share it’s beauty like the tree I had once stood under. Well it’s not as big yet as the one that I stood under, but my tree is still growing, and I look forward to seeing it bloom each year.

However brief a bloom may last, its beauty stays with us for a lifetime, forever fragrant in our minds.
Lu Lu Borealis

Monday, April 21, 2008

For Every Season

I am enchanted by the return of Spring; I am watching the seeds that my son planted breaking through the soil. The small vegetable garden is coming to life, and we wait in anticipation of the fruit that it will bring forth eventually. With each week you can see the growth of the plants change significantly.

In a sad way it reminds me of how quickly our children grow, I remember stooping down to wipe ice cream off my sons check. Now I look up at him and have to stand on my toes just to kiss his check. Watching his large hand plant those tiny seeds in the ground, the hands that were so small that use to fit inside mine, make me think about time.

Everything has it time, how does the saying go “A time to live, a time to die”, I know the plants that he planted, will grow, give fruit, wither back and eventually die. Humans have a choice in how they choose to live; they grow, give life and then they have a second choice of growth and what they want to be. That is the season I am at, I have a new growth a gained wisdom and I am free to do with it what I want. Oh I still have the everyday responsibilities, but I have grown into a new stage of freedom in my life.

I have my creative mind available to me, to write, make jewelry, scrapbook or I can if I choose to, sit at this window and stare out and wonder at nature, and all the things that renews life in the spring, while I contemplate on what I want to do my life.

I gather my thoughts and my memories and smile at all the gifts I was given, and wonder what gifts I will give back now that I have time.
LuLu Borealis

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring has Started To Bloom

The buds are growing on the trees, some have already flowered others wait a little longer. It seems when one thing blooms another sits back and awaits its turn. Each has its own special time, each has its peak time, unfolding before us a display one right after the other. All of which is natures art, a way of painting earth's palette.

Our senses tingle as we become awakened by the life that is blooming all around us. Something inside us awakens too, in a more subtle way; it renews a purpose in our soul, an energy that makes us take a different look at things. It could be just our spirit pulling in the light to stimulate our awareness out of hibernation.

Spring has a way of waking up something in our soul that which we didn’t know was asleep.
Lu Lu Borealis

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Memory of a Beloved Pet

In Memory of Buddy Benson (Beloved family pet for fifteen years)

For fifteen years Buddy was in our lives, and on Easter Buddy passed away. He will be missed by all those who loved him. Below is a poem I wrote dedicated to my daughter who loved and raised Buddy from a puppy. Missy shared with him all her secrets, and he knew of all her heartaches, but most of all they enjoyed life together...

In Loving Memory for Buddy Benson

It is in your memory where I live now, as I run through greener pastures,

But I am always here to share with you all of life’s disasters.

Although you can not see me I remain always at your side,

To listen when you’re troubled, I know every time you cried.

I was loyal to you my master, but I could stay no more,

Though there is a wall between us, there is a crack, an open door.

And I enter like a gentle breeze, that will touch you every day,

So you can see my master, I never went away.

L. A. Hardt

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"

I look at the same thing that you are looking at, yet we see something different. The scene is the same but still we come away with a different feeling, and different thoughts. This is why we have artist, they can take that same scene and capture it’s soul and present it to us. We both then see the same beauty, in that moment we are connected to it by the artists eye.

The saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", is surely true, but it’s true essence is captured by the soul of the artist.

LuLu Borealis
March 17, 2008
(Picture was taken in Little River, S.C.)